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Halloween and Samhain - 2020 Style

Halloween and Samhain – 2020 Style

What can you do for Halloween and Samhain, when your stuck in a pandemic? You do Halloween and Samhain – 2020 Style. This year, we’ll be taking full advantage of things like Zoom, to stay connected with those we love and to celebrate. It’s going to take some very serious […]

2020 (insert raspberry sound here)

2020 (insert raspberry sound here)

I doubt there aren’t many people out there who would disagree that this year has truly tested our spirit and humanity. That is why I say: “2020 (insert raspberry sound here)”. Everyone has their own experience and I wanted to share my personal experience as a way of inspiring others […]

Life is Sweet Because We Find Inspiration

Life is Sweet Because We Find Inspiration

I feel like we all have the special place where Life is Sweet Because We Find Inspiration. We never really can anticipate where the place may be or how we will find it. For some people, it may be somewhere soothing and beautiful. It may be a place where a […]

Life is Sweet, Even Without Toile Paper

Life is Sweet, Even Without Toilet Paper

These are quite the times we are in right now. Disturbing news comes in daily and people just don’t know what to make of it. Should we be worried, sacred, calm or panicked. In the words of my dear friend Leslie, “Woosah!” My translation, “It’s all good.” Life is sweet, […]

Community Makes Life Sweet

Our family is incredibly fortunate to have found several communities in which our 2 youngest daughters thrive. Two of those organization are managed under a charter organization called Cascade Leadership Challenge. The Charter organization sponsors the all girl Scout Troop that our younger daughter participates in and the Boy Scout […]