Halloween and Samhain - 2020 Style

Halloween and Samhain – 2020 Style

What can you do for Halloween and Samhain, when your stuck in a pandemic? You do Halloween and Samhain – 2020 Style. This year, we’ll be taking full advantage of things like Zoom, to stay connected with those we love and to celebrate. It’s going to take some very serious rethinking, but it’s manageable. There’s a little bit of process involved. Rethinking the holidays is easy once you figure out your priorities.

Halloween and Samhain - 2020 Style

First Priority

FOR ME: To See Family and Friends

Halloween and Samhain - 2020 Style
Minion Me

What is your primary concern regarding each holiday? For Halloween, it’s face time with friends. When you put all else aside. That is my priority for every holiday. Life gets so incredibly busy. Time slips by and before I know it, it can be months before I have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

For this year, we’re planning on a Zoom movie night. A number of us are going to log on, watch Hocus Pocus (collectively a favorite), and eat goo food. For Lauren, we’re creating a Great Pumpkin delivery for her friends that will include an invitation for their own Hocus Pocus movie night.

She’s planning on everyone still wearing costumes. They’ll get to eat an assortment of Halloween treats and enjoy the evening together. I’m hearing a number of different ideas parents are using to make the best of Halloween this year. Some are comfortable letting their kids get together for a movie and some are inviting friends over, one at a time, for a scavenger hunt in their yard. The options are really limitless. It just depends on how much time and resources you have.

Second Priority

FOR ME: Our Annual Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween and Samhain - 2020 Style

The pumpkin patch is something I haven’t yet figured out. Since we can’t go to the pumpkin patch, we might just bring the patch to us. We don’t ever decorate the yard, but this year…we’re doing it up! We’re making old school ghost, pumpkins, and jack-o-lanterns. This is going to be the hardest part of rethinking Halloween. Not because it presents a challenge, but because it’s my favorite part. Spending a cool sunny autumn day going through a corn maze, eating hotdogs and corn on the cob, picking out pumpkins for carving and for baking, and just spending time with loved ones, is a precious time. 2020 is the year of making lemonade!

Third Priority

FOR ME: Taking the kids Trick or Treating

Halloween and Samhain - 2020 Style

Each year, one particular street celebrates the holiday by inviting the community to Trick or Treat. It’s an exciting evening of running into friends, squeals of joy from kids, popping in and pausing to say hello, and, yes, overloading on candy. It’s very much like the Halloweens of my childhood back in Shakopee, Minnesota. That, but on steroids’.

In all fairness, I can’t come up with anything that compares to the fun we have that night. Honestly, I’m okay with taking a pause for this year. My kids are all getting older and trick or treating just isn’t has high a priority as it used to be. Who knows, this just might be the year we find a new tradition.

Fourth Priority

FOR ME: – Food

We traditionally plan out our Halloween evening with something easy to make in the crock pot. That way, once everyone is home, we can quickly eat and get straight to some serious trick or treating. Our favorite Halloween meal is a store bought pasta and alfredo sauce with broccoli. Nothing fancy. We’ve got business to finish…like trick or treating. It’s a combination of simple hearty ingredients that keeps the kids going through the evening.

Danni’s Chocolate Pumpkin Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Danni’s first tried her hand a backing at the age of 5. Since then, she has taken full ownership of this sizable baking project; Chocolate Pumpkin Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. She looks forward to making at least one cake (or 2 dozen cupcakes) each fall. With every step, she has a look of determination and concentration that tells everyone…”this is serious business”. As a food blogger, it warms my heart to see her finding something she enjoys creating.

While the world outside is a bit off kilter, we are taking this as an opportunity to be creative. “How can we rethink our traditions?” As our children grow older and the childhood fairytales are realized, we are finding ourselves looking for new and fun ways of recreating our holiday traditions. This Halloween and Samhain – 2020 Style, is just another opportunity for us to explore new ideas. Find ways of keeping the holidays joyful. What are your ideas? How are you evolving with this new and different world we are experiencing? Please share.


  1. We may set up a candy zip line to deliver full-size candy bars to families at a safe distance!