Life is Sweet, Even Without Toile Paper

Life is Sweet, Even Without Toilet Paper

These are quite the times we are in right now. Disturbing news comes in daily and people just don’t know what to make of it. Should we be worried, sacred, calm or panicked. In the words of my dear friend Leslie, “Woosah!” My translation, “It’s all good.” Life is sweet, even without toilet paper.

Life is Sweet, Even Without Toilet Paper

Six weeks!? For the love of peanut butter, how on earth are we going to do that! I don’t think my house has that much storage space. I don’t even know where to put all of the camping gear. Now I need to find space for 6 weeks worth of toilet paper for my entire family!? Maybe the kids wouldn’t mind if I stash a bit under their beds.

At first it seemed insurmountable. Then I imagined Leslie and her “Woosah.” So, I took a deep breath and calm down. There is a reason this blog is called Pantry and Table. I don’t profess to know everything about stalking for the Covidagaddon, but at least I can share some tips and start a dialog where people can share resourceful suggestions… and collectively Woosah!

Life is Sweet Even Without Toilet Paper

So, here we go. My first step was to take good inventory of what we already have in the house. My next thought was to figure out what perishables would need to be used up. I am a processer (meaning I need to think things through) and a very visual person. It helps me to create lists and schedules…my downfall is not following them.

ife is Sweet, Even Without Toilet Paper

Once I had pulled together what I have and what I need to used up first, it was able to put together and 7 week dinner menu for the family. It took quite a bit of thinking, but it’s manageable. It took the better part of my Saturday, but now that have, I know it is manageable and there really isn’t any need to stress. Life is sweet, even without toilet paper. I thought I’d share some of the ideas I had in order to try and make your life a little bit easier.

Frozen bread dough will save room in your freezer and will last, even if there is no immediate need. It’s easy to make. All you need is a pan or dish to bake it in.

One jar of Better Than Bouillon can last me a week, maybe two. This size jar, in comparison to purchasing cans and boxes of broth, will save tons of space.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, canned goods are going fast. So, why not continue picking up fresh produce and prep some frozen meals. It’s easy enough to make double and triple batches of meals and freeze them. It’ll provide some variety and even greater nutritional value then processed meals.

Oatmeal can be more exciting than you think. Toss in some dried fruit and nuts and you’ll create something nutritious and delicious. Focus on buying bulk. With the state of the grocery shelves, you’ll stand a better chance finding what you need in the bulk section.

Life is Sweet, Even Without Toilet Paper

You can create lighter meals that store for longer periods. I like using granolas, nuts, cheeses, crackers, pickles vegetables, olives, and dried meats. They are a great substitute for cooking and stalking up on multiple ingredients.

ife is Sweet, Even Without Toilet Paper

You can also bake up some quiche and freezing it will allow you have a little more variety to your meal plan. Fill it with loads of vegetables and protein.

Well, that’s a start. Just a few simple tips that came to mind as I’m starting to think about the prospect of quarantine for six weeks. Just remember, “Woosah.” and that life is still sweet, even without toilet paper.


  1. Thanks for the calming message! We will be okay!

  2. I shopped for the ingredients for split pea stew, looking for yellow peas but Safeway in East Wenatchee was all out of all beans, rice and lentils. Went over to Fred Meyer and found plenty of yellow peas and green in the bulk foods section. Rice was all gone. Oh, my goodness, the stew was delicious! Herb swooned. We used Romano cheese on top because that’s what we had.