rehydrating dried beans

Rehydrating Dried Beans

Rehydrated dried beans are a much more flavorful option than canned beans. I set out to start incorporating dried beans and legumes into my pantry. It’s great to have them on hand. With a vegetarian in our household, we use beans in quite a bit of our recipes. Initially, I tried very hard to rehydrate the store bought beans I had stalked in my pantry. It didn’t seem to matter what I tried, I could never quite get it right. After doing a little research, I discovered a couple of really great tips.

The first and possibly the most helpful tip I read was to make sure you are buying freshly dried beans. Avoid buying your beans prepackaged at the grocery store. If you are planning to using dried beans, take the time to purchase them in bulk. Once I had a chance to purchase some, I was shocked to compare them with the beans I already had at home. There is a notable difference, even in appearance. The fresher beans have retained some of their oils and quite a pit of their color.

In terms of nutritional information, I’ve read mixed reviews regarding whether dried beans loose their nutritive value over time. It would appear that dried beans in comparison to canned, don’t really have any difference in nutritive value. The primary difference is the level of sodium in canned beans. Dried beans are a great alternative for individuals watching their sodium intake.

For the most part, it’s a matter of personal taste. I find that I prefer dried beans for their flavor and texture over the canned. I can control the firmness of the beans by cooking them accordingly. In my recipes, I tend to add them close to the end of the cooking process as to prevent them from over cooking and becoming too soft. This is really up to the individual. The recipe provided can help you prepare your beans up to a firm el dante. It’s up to you to incorporate them at the texture you prefer. This process is the second great tip I’ve come across. It makes rehydrating beans extremely easy.

Rehydrating Dried Beans

Recipe by Pantry and Table




  • 1 cup of dried beans makes 3 cups rehydrated.Dried beans of your choosing

  • A crockpot

  • Colender

  • soup pot or dutch oven


  • Rinse and place beans in the crockpot. Add enough water to cover beans by at least 2 inches. (Red Beans will need to be boiled for 10 minutes prior to placing in the crockpot – it will remove all any toxins within the beans)
  • Set crockpot on low for 10 hours. This can be set in the morning before heading out for the day or in the evening before bed.
  • Rinse beans again and place them in large cooking pot. Boil gently until you reach the desired texture.

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