Veggie Goddess Sandwich

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

I’m continually trying to find new ideas for packable lunches. Not just for work, but for hiking and camping, too. A really good one is hard to come by. It needs to be flavorful and something that doesn’t need to be packed on ice. Sandwiches and salads are perfect that way, but they just aren’t filling enough. Until I found discovered this Veggie Goddess Sandwich. It’s a hearty and filling sandwich that’s perfect for reenergizing.

Each bite of this sub is filled with an explosion of flavors. Between the creamy mozzarella and avocado to the crispness of the sprouts and cucumber and the sweetness of the tomatoes and Quick Pickled Shallots.

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

I’ve tried a number of different breads with this sandwich. Eventually I found a brioche hoagie roll that’s great. The richness of the brioche works well with all of the other flavors.

There are a couple of tricks to putting a sandwich together. You’d think it wouldn’t really matter, but there are some tricks to making sure your sandwich stays fresh. Start by layering the drier ingredients close to the bread. For this sandwich, I start with the mozzarella on one side and the avocado on the other. From there, you can add ingredients in any order. I like to add things like sprouts to the center of the sandwich with the dressing.

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

For this sandwich, I like to use a Green Goddess Dressing. The freshness of the herbs make the sandwich delicious. I haven’t really been a fan of Green Goddess Dressing on salads, but when I tried it on a sandwich it was perfect.

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

Be warned! This is a messy sandwich, a really mess sandwich. So, I like to wrap it in parchment to help keep the mess down to a minimum. Once you slice it half, you can easily tear away the extra parchment as you eat the sandwich.

Like any vegetarian option, you can easily add a roast chicken sandwich meat to incorporate more protein. However, I think you’ll find that this Veggie Goddess Sandwich is perfect that way it is. So the next time you need a sandwich that’s going to be equally energizing and flavorful, give this one a try.

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

Recipe by Pantry and TableCourse: LunchCuisine: Sandwiches


Prep time




  • Brioche Hoagie Roll

  • 1/2 Ripe Avocado

  • Fresh Mozzarella

  • Arugula

  • 1 Roma Tomato

  • Quick Pickled Shallots

  • Sprouts

  • Salt and Pepper

  • Green Goddess Dressing


  • Toast the brioche roll lightly and spread the thin layer for dressing on both sides.
  • Line the bread with the dryer of ingredients such as the mozzarella and avocado.
  • From there you can start layering as you please. I like to place things like sprouts in the middle of my sandwiches.
  • Drizzle the sandwich with Green Goddess Dressing. Not too much, 1 – 2 T. should be enough.
  • Fold your sandwich to together and serve cold.

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